Cordoba School


Dear friends,

I welcome you to Cordoba School, a community of learning dedicated to excellence, where students are surrounded by mentors and friends. We offer a practical approach to education, guiding our students on their path to success. Our school is a haven of diversity where students come from varied backgrounds and culture. As we weave a halo of love and care around them, they learn to come together, accept differences amongst themselves and make a home away from home.

We encourage our students to chart their own course, to explore the world, and to move mountains. We have faith in our children, and they have lived up to it – our students have been highly successful in taking their rightful places in the leading universities in Pakistan and worldwide, graduating with honors, and moving on to successful careers.

Since 2007, when we setup the Cordoba School for A-Level, it has been our intention to instill good values and patriotism into our children. We feel humbled and proud when our children represent us in the world reflecting the core values that we strive to instill.

This website is intended to let you peak into the fascinating world of education at Cordoba. We pray that the torch of life that we light within our students will help them reach their true potential and lead them to the path of happiness and success.

Thank you,

Muhammad Salman Ghaffar
Managing Director