Art and Design

Art and Design – Course Code 9704

A course of study in Art and Design should actively seek to develop the ability to perceive, understand and express concepts and feelings, the ability to record from direct observation and personal experience, the ability to communicate by using appropriate materials and techniques in a disciplined way, the skills experimentation, innovation and the use of intuition and imagination, develop critical and analytical faculties and the ability to identify, research and evaluate problems in a systematic way, develop confidence, initiative and a sense of adventure and achievement, acquire a relevant working vocabulary and an awareness and appreciation of the interdependence of Art & Design and the individual within cultural contexts.

AS level Candidates appear for component 1 and 2

To further complete A Level the candidates appear for component 3 and 4.

Component Type of Paper Weighting
AS Level A Level
1 Controlled Test Minimum three weeks preparatory time + 15 hour Controlled Test 60% 30%
2 Coursework One project and up to four sheets of supporting work 40% 20%
3 Coursework One project plus folder of supporting work and a sketchbook. 30%
4 Personal Study Presentation of the study may take any appropriate format 20%

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