English Development Program (EDP)

Cordoba School lays great emphasis on the personality development of their students. This is imperative for the child to prosper in the challenging conditions that there are out there. In order to ensure this goes smoothly and is beneficial for the students, not only are they required to be updated about current affairs domestically as well as internationally. Furthermore the course aims at ensuring that basic ethics and etiquettes are instilled in the students so that they may prove to be shining assets for the society and company that they serve in. Decision making and thinking techniques are discussed so that the students grow up to be true leaders who are not afraid of taking bold decisions while ensuring that no stakeholder is adversely affected by the decision.

This class revolves around discussions, essay writing, research, Mathematical and analytical skills, as well as public speaking. We encourage our students to develop awareness of issues over a broad range of topics; scientific, social, environmental, moral, political, and cultural. The course demands discursive writing, requiring analysis, logical arguments, and clear presentation.

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