Our Story

Cordoba School for A-Level was established in 2007 through the partnership of   Ryenaz Jehangir Khan (RJK), Muhammad Salman Ghaffar (SG) and Natasha Shammul Khan with an aim to provide quality education to the youth pursuing their Pre-College certifications. It is registered with the University of Cambridge Local Examination Syndicate for International Examinations through their local coordinator, The British Council, Karachi. With over 50 years of experience in the field of education between them, the management of the school is an ideal team.

With over 33 years of experience in teaching and administration, Ryenaz Jehangir Khan has a rich background. As a highly motivated person, she believes in the youth being the agent of change. Her dedication and affection for them ensures an enriching and safe environment.

Salman Ghaffarhad been working in the corporate world after completing his MBA from IBA. He has been teaching since 1995 and is an expert in teaching Math & English for admission tests & has coached students for all major local and international exams. He thrives on challenges and works effectively for success.

Natasha Shammul Khan had been working in the corporate sector after completing her MBA from IBA. She has been in the field of education since 2001, counselling & directing A-Level and MBA students to focus and build on their strengths. She enjoys great interaction with both her students and colleagues.

Karachi is a town of vibrant beauty, vivacious culture and a veritable mix of people, ethnicities, languages, tastes and expectations. It is also a town of contradictions, divided down the middle through the proverbial bridge!

We are a part of this genuine culture. Realizing the dilemma that this blend of people residing on either side of the bridge was facing, the idea of Cordoba School for A-Level materialized. A seat of learning, par excellence, that caters to an exclusive market by providing excellence in A-Level education, personality development, career guidance and the grooming of future leaders. The elements that, through the incorporation of our core values, lead to the development of a young, enthusiastic, determined and dedicated student body, which is aware of its responsibility to itself and the community, and is willing and ready to take charge and make things happen!


It is my intention to instil values and patriotism in my children. I feel both humbled and proud when our students graduate and represent me in the world. My life revolves around my children and they have become a part of my life, and when they leave I feel as if a part of me has ebbed away.
The key to keeping them together as a family is love, compassion and understanding. I teach my children to accept differences amongst themselves and work with them. These characteristics help them become successful members of the society.
My faith in my children that they can move mountains, has proved fairly accurate and made true the axiom that “one man does make a difference.
Each child comes in with different strengths and weaknesses, and then moves on imbibing strong values. We just want to make the school safe for diversity.
What is quite uncommon in today’s world, are the quality teachers at Cordoba, who take a stand and accept that they are responsible for their students’ failures and successes.
As teachers our greatest achievement is when a rebel, a defiant young adult, turns around and informs us that we changed him by instilling reform, by real life examples.
At present one sees the slow, successful, strides our fledglings make. As they travel on to new terrain, we as a nation, can hold our heads up with gratitude that we have tried to enrich young souls and in the process learnt a lesson too. Nurturing young minds and helping them feel accountable is the greatest gift a teacher gives.
We are small and the better for it, for we pride ourselves on being a family. We instill in our children confidence, skills and the ability to think and act constructively and creatively is our true objective.

The Name ‘Cordoba’ and the logo

Finding the perfect name for ourselves was a challenge and “Cordoba” was chosen after much deliberation. During the time of Islamic rule, Cordoba was the largest city in Spain and embodied the most sophisticated culture, centre of learning and the most developed governance in Europe.
Armed with the passion to launch the youth that is not only equipped with all the resources modern education can provide, but also understands and is committed to a rich and glorious history, was our goal. Tomes upon tomes were referred to and debates held with gusto.
Finally, the rich heritage of Muslim Spain enthralled us all and the beautiful mosque of Cordoba, which has lent its legendary splendor to everlasting poetry, allowed us to seek wisdom from its fabled arches and columns, giving us value not only in name but in our roots.