Academic Guidance and Therapy

Academic Counseling

Cordoba School prides itself for being among the pioneers of this service. The Guidance Counselling Service provides individuals and groups with confidential, free counselling and guidance. This service is extended to students as well as the parents. Appointments can be made with the Guidance Counselor anytime during school timing.
We believe that our students doing good in their professional and personal lives is reward enough for the hard work put in by the entire school. In order to ensure a strong professional career for its students, Cordoba School frequently holds sessions for its universities which help them in attaining admissions in top universities abroad as well as in Pakistan. All factors are taken into account and advice is given after a comprehensive assessment of all involving factors which even includes any special needs or extenuating circumstances related to the student.
We have confidential counselling service available to all students. Our professionally qualified counselors are experienced in dealing with all academic problems, such as choice of subjects and university applications, interviews as well as admission tests preparations. Career Counselling is also given to all students to help them make informed decisions regarding future career paths.

Career Counseling

Career Counselling at the Cordoba School for A-Level varies a little from regular school counselling. Here, we are involved in nearly every aspect of our student's life – academics, choice of subjects, which universities to apply to, what courses to take etc. We focus on preparing our students to tackle life in the best possible manner – starting with preparatory classes for admission tests, setting up mock interviews at school, going over all their papers, transcripts, applications etc. to evaluate whether or not he/she can come up to the criteria. We do not just write their recommendation, we incorporate their individuality. If a student, who because of a certain situation, needs extra time or a special mention, then such a case is presented to the university, along with our reference. Counselling to us means becoming aware of the student on a one on one basis, accepting his flaws, strengths, and weaknesses and then developing him into a liberal adult. These sessions are really helpful as the students are able to share their inner feelings without the fear of anyone getting to know. Teachers also prefer it because they get to know the students better. Seminars, SAT and TOEFL workshops by various local and international presenters are part of counselling. SAT tests are an inherent part of the curriculum. Weekly tests are conducted to develop the pupils’ vocabulary and help in the comprehension of the English Language. In short, we set the students to prepare themselves for all circumstances and adapt to any situation that may come their way in the future.

A personal approach – Classroom Teaching

Unlike other institutions in which the student spends his time in large lecture halls, the focus on teaching excellence at Cordoba School for A Level, results in an entirely different experience. The number in the class-rooms are small, set up for interactive learning where the teachers give personal attention. They can also take advantage of joint research with the faculty. It is a combination of course work to fit their own unique career goals. Pupils participate fully in class discussions and become immersed in the field of study from the first day. The faculty is there to help them identify, guide and work towards individual goals.

All English Teachers are also Class Teachers, and they are supposed to:

Help the student to achieve the GCE Advanced Subsidiary General Paper requirements.
Discuss in class the range of topics assigned to each year according to the break-up of Cordoba School for A Level.

Encourage, guide and inculcate the habits of regular reading and research on topics that have been given to:-
Prepare them to:
Write correct and effective essays on the topics that they have already collected information on.
Encourage them to speak correctly and confidently with regular class presentations.
Prepare them for the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) on a regular basis in class.
Guide them for future career paths.
Help them make the correct choice of university according to their

(i) choice of subject ;
(ii) budget
(iii) families/friends living near their university of choice
(iv) Financial Aid provided by the institution.

Write letters of recommendations.
Assist them to fill out the admission forms correctly and with personal statements errorless (as far as possible)
Identify and address students’ weak areas.
Help the students to achieve and then maintain a good GPA.

Behavioral Counselling

Young adults are faced with numerous personal, psychological and emotional problems. Psychotherapists at Cordoba address the various issues faced by students via talk therapy and other methods like Art Therapy. With successful psychotherapy, a student changes in a positive way, resolving or mitigating troublesome behaviours, beliefs, compulsions, thoughts and emotions. Ideally, these are replaced with more pleasant and functional alternatives. These therapy sessions are aimed to increase the student's sense of his/her personal well-being.
A group of professional therapists ensures that the students manage the stress level well and are emotionally stable. This allows them to perform efficiently in all fronts at this crucial stage of their lives. Being among the few schools to be providing this necessary facility, the therapists have an open door policy and are easily accessible during school hours.