Administrative Policies And Requirements

Subject Choice

Students are enrolled in to a minimum of three AS subjects. The college may, on an exceptional basis, entertain requests for subject choice change from A1s within the first two weeks of the College's academic year. Allowing a student to change his subject combination is entirely at the discretion of the college. The candidate must at least score a "B" in the subjects of their choice.


There is a direct and positive relationship between school attendance and student achievement. Regular attendance is a vital responsibility of every student and parent. Students are expected to attend scheduled classes on time, each day, unless there is a legitimate reason for absence. Students must inform the front – office of any such absences or get a late pass from the front office. Students with a late pass will be allowed to enter the school till the time specified on the pass. No students will be allowed in later than the specified time.

School Timings

The regular school timings followed at school are 7:45 am to 2:30 p.m. Monday to Friday.

1. The school assembly begins at 7:45 am. The school gate will be closed at 8:00 am sharp after 10 minutes’ grace. No student will be allowed to enter after this time. In case of late arrival, the students will be asked to return home.
2. Students are permitted to leave at 12 noon, unless they have classes after that time. In case they leave early without attending scheduled classes after 12 noon, it will be considered as a bunked class, in which case the school has the right to take corrective action, including, but not limited to, suspending the students from school for up to 3 working days.
3. Maintaining 75% attendance in all subjects is mandatory. If this criterion is ot met, the school may stop the student from appearing in the Cambridge International Examination as a regular candidate.
4. Any absence from school has to be stipulated by a note of excuse signed by the parents or guardian. Prolonged illness should be notified to the school along with a doctor’s certificate.
5. In case of any emergency, the parents/guardian must inform the school office, to allow the student to leave school early

Code of Conduct

Dress Code

Boys: White shirt with full-sleeves and grey trousers. School tie and school jacket (hoodie) is to be worn during winter. In the summer, boys can wear a half-sleeved white shirt with grey trousers. Black school shoes must be worn throughout the year. It is recommended that boys wear their hair short and wear no jewellery, except a watch.

Girls: Grey kameez with white shalwar and plain white cotton dupatta/scarf. A school jacket (hoodie) is to be worn in the winter. Black school shoes must be worn throughout the year.

Uniforms and School ID Cards are compulsory for all students whenever they enter the school premises throughout the two years they are at school. Uniforms will be regularly checked to see that they are in an acceptable condition and any student wearing dirty, incorrect or incomplete uniforms will be duly disciplined.


Actions which lead to violation of Cordoba rules of ethics, will result in strict disciplinary action from the administration including revoking of name from the school.

Bunking Classes: Skipping classes without prior intimation or a valid reason is a strict offence.

Smoking/Drinking : These two are strictly forbidden while in Cordoba uniform on or off-campus.

Bullying : Any act of harassment(verbal, written, physical or on the social media) towards a staff member or a student will be dealt with strict action .

Physical fights or verbal abuse: Abusive language or violent behavior will not be tolerated.


• Theft, vandalism or destruction of school property will result in reimbursement of the cost by the student involved in such a case.
• Any inappropriate physical display is not allowed.