Our co-curricular program is varied and extensive. From dramatics to debates we believe in it all. Our co- curricular societies are well founded and are run by competent students and patrons.

The chairperson and the vice chairperson of each society submit their repertoires at the start of term and different societies regularly have to toss for preference when it comes to hosting events.

Students can choose to become members of any of the school’s six societies:


At Cordoba School for A-Level, we realize that young individuals need to learn the art of effective communication. This is why we attach a high priority status to the Debates Club, which provides our students a platform to participate in various debates, declamation and poetry contests. Its member students are also regular participants of highly acclaimed public speaking contests namely, the Hyde Park Junior, the Jinnah Society Declamation contests, the contests organized by the English Speaking Union of Pakistan and the Soliloquy Reading Competition held by the British Council. Competing at these multifarious intra and inter school competitions arms our students with an informed opinion and the ability of controlled self-expression.


These two clubs may well be the most popular at school. The Dramatics Club embellishes all events at Cordoba School for A Level . Member students enact skits and organize talent shows for various school events and hold presentations to commemorate memorable days. Besides giving students a channel for active expression, this club also provides an excellent opportunity for hands-on experience at acting, script writing, set and costume designing and direction. There can be no drama without music. Try outs for the Music Club are held at the beginning of every term so that those students who were shy at the start, by then want to join as well. Our students have participated in the ISEO (International Schools Educational Olympiad) as well as Inter School music competitions at a national level.


Despite being among the newer societies, the Media Society has been doing a commendable job of covering the school events and ensuring that there is enough media available with us for every event. The team works tirelessly and constantly comes up with innovative ideas and plans to ensure that the school's activities attain maximum reach.


The most highlighted and popular of all is the Sports Club. Cordoba School for A Level, provides a platform for the young athletes and players to exhibit their talent and interest and give vent to pent up energy in a constructive manner. The organisation of numerous intra-school as well as inter-school events remains in the very capable hands of our trained PTIs. The gentle pursuit of excellence in an atmosphere of healthy competition and excitement is very pronounced in the building-up of sporting tension during the tournaments. If the students were not thwarted by the interference of their academics, we are certain that the sports enthusiast would much rather spend the major part of their day improving their skills and performance levels for the major sporting events in the school calendar. The yearly Inter School tournament organized by Cordoba School for A Level, invites twenty three O level schools to participate in table tennis, cricket, football, volleyball, throwball, chess, badminton, pool, and basketball matches. Besides these, our students also participate in swimming championships, squash, rowing, and scrabble events organized by various clubs and associations.


Another one of the newer societies, the Science society belongs to the most curious of students in Cordoba, the Society regularly undertakes screenings for participations in upcoming events and is a great help to science teachers in the school.


Members of this club are not necessarily those students who have Art as an elective A-Level optional subject. They just need to have a flair for producing colorful, out of the ordinary and creatively artistic work – whether it is used for the backdrop used for the stage for school functions, making posters for the boards or adding an aesthetic sense to the school environment. It is here that they are encouraged to display their talent and skills at both the in-house or inter-school art competitions. A society that has been working tirelessly to make its mark is the Art Society. Not only are the walls of Cordoba adorned with artistic brilliance of our students, they also boast the fruits of labor of an INTER-SCHOOL ART COMPETITION which was painstakingly organized at the campus by the ART society. Top schools from across Karachi participated in this competition which drew on the talent of young artists using several different mediums to create still life. The competition was judged by Mrs. Nayyar Jamil and was termed a great success by all who enjoyed the exhibition that followed.


Since the launch of the social service society at Cordoba School for A Level, the enthusiasm and keenness to be even just a “drop of goodness” in the murky lives of the less fortunate, swells each year. The spirit of compassion and empathy for such individuals, especially children, is inculcated and developed. Such unsaid, unwritten and unrehearsed codes of conduct and feelings has deepened over the years with regular visits to Darul Sukun; the home for physically handicapped, AURA; the centre for cerebral palsy, the home for orphans and widows at Rashidabad, Dawood Habib Home, Burns Ward at the Civil Hospital and the Cardiac Surgical Patients department at the same hospital. Students’ assistance and involvement is in both, cash and kind. Economic Franchise Melas, concerts, charity drives, donations, collection from the sale of movie tickets etc. have all contributed substantial amounts for these organizations. Tutoring, entertaining, feeding and caring for, distribution of edibles, books and gifts are some of the ways implemented to help bring a smile on the faces of these not as blessed.


The Urdu Literary Club is one of the recently founded clubs of our school. It constantly thrives to instill respect and popularity for our National Language. To promote this objective, debates, bait bazi competitions and speech contests are focused upon throughout the year. Our hard work has paid off with our very encouraging A-Level grades. Our emphasis on Urdu has led us to academic excellence for the past three years. The club members take great pride in their contribution and involvement in the Urdu section of the school’s publications.


This club was formed to cater to the needs of the literary inclined students. It has two publications to its credit, namely the mid-term newsletter and the school’s annual magazine. From conceptualization to printing, the students manage every stage of the publication process. This way, they not only develop writing skills but also learn the art of teamwork, management and coordination. Students from this society are also active participants at the Creative Writing Workshop and the All Pakistan Palladium Prize for Poetry Contest convened by the British Council. On the whole, the Literary club is a learning experience of its own kind. The literary society organized a talk show and also entertained us at the in-house elocution contest. The feather in their cap however was the INTER-SCHOOL ELOCUTION COMPETITION in which 22 schools from across the metropolis participated. The competition was judged by Ms. Faiza Qazi, Ms. Aliza Maqbool, Ms. Emane Haque Fasih and Ms. Natasha Shammul Khan.