Cordoba School

Environment & Facilities

General Environment:

Our goal at Cordoba Elementary is to provide your child with a constructive and a well designed environment, catering to the needs children having different learning styles.

Apart from our well equipped classrooms, we also encourage students to engage in both individual and social play in the creative learning center, participate in small and large circle time group activities and socialize during snack time.

Our well prepared environments are also geared to help children develop a positive attitude towards school in their formative years, which in turn builds up a love for learning forever.

Classroom Environment:

Cordoba Elementary provides an Air Conditioned & child friendly learning environment conducive to our children’s learning.

Our classrooms are bright, colourful, safe and enjoyable work spaces. The furniture in classrooms is specially designed to meet the age of the child and facilitate learning.

Our teaching staff is knowledgeable, care about student learning, encourage teambuilding and adapt their instruction to meet the needs of their learners.


Our elementary section started in October 2015. Our current Pre-nursery and Kindergarten children now occupy the first two classrooms in the building.

The classrooms are bright, spacious and air-conditioned. Each classroom is monitored by CCTV cameras so as to ensure that children are safe and secure while at work. We have also provided for our children covered external teaching areas, such as the creative play area, the block area and a modern technology room where learning takes place audio visually. A separate arts and crafts room allows the creative space for children to explore in the aesthetics.

For our children to enjoy a leisure break after their playtime, we have a snack room. Additionally, our school has ample outdoor space for the children to play and explore.

In order to view our facilities, you are invited to visit our school for a guided tour of the building. Please call us at : 021-34322506 / 07