Welcome To Cordoba

Congratulations! You’ve just taken the first step in to what is likely to be one of the most exciting and constructive journeys in your academic life! Established since 2007, we at Cordoba remain committed to providing quality education in a conducive learning environment.



  • All completed forms to be submitted along with all the necessary documents and an attested photocopy of Grade 10 O-Level result.
  • All applicants will be asked to come for an interview along with their parents.


The A-Level curriculum at Cordoba is designed to meet the criteria set by the University of Cambridge. It is advised that the applicants should also do some research on their own, since A-Level courses are considerably more advanced as compared to O-Level courses in the same subject. You may choose any three subjects from the following disciplines. You will be able to take on an extra subject after approval from the Managing Director and depending on your O-Level result.

  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Business
  • Psychology
  • Urdu
  • Art & Design
  • Sociology
  • Computer Science
  • Essential Development Programme (EDP) – it is compulsory to take the English skills course.
• Attested Official Transcripts of Classes IX, X, and XI, of the previous school, and all co-curricular/extra-curricular certificates
• An attested photocopy of the CIE O-Level results of the subjects already appeared for
• Attested photocopy of Parent(s)/ Guardian(s) CNIC
• Attested photocopy of Passport or CNIC (Smart card)
• Two (2) passport size photographs, not more than 6 months old, with the candidate's name on the back
• All registration forms must be signed by a parent/guardian of the candidate
• The candidate must score at least a ‘C’ in the English Language Paper at O-Level
• The candidate must score at least a ‘B’ in the subjects of their choice
• All candidates must take at least 3 A-Level subjects as well as the compulsory Essential Development Programme
• It is recommended that 1 extra subject should also be taken
All students applying for early bird admission are provisionally admitted, subject to their procurement of minimal criteria of grades. Cordoba School reserves the right to revoke the conditional offer if the student is unable to meet the grade requirement i.e. minimum B in the subjects chosen at Cordoba.


All students must submit an attested copy of their CAIE O level certificates within four days of announcement of results in August.

It is preferred if parents are aware of the choice of subjects of their child. The final decision of the candidates admission to Cordoba rests with the Managing Director.

Early Admissions

  • Category A: If Admission is done by 15th January, 2020, 75% off on Admission Fee, 75% off Security Deposit + Tuition Fee for August, 2019 will be waived off.
  • Category B: If Admission is done by 1st March, 2020, 50% off on Admission Fee, 50% off Security Deposit + Tuition Fee for August, 2019 will be waived completely.
  • Category C: If Admission is done by 15th April, 2020, 25% off Admission Fee + 50% off Security Deposit & Tuition Fee for August, 2019 will be waived completely.
  • Category D: If Admission is done by 1st June, 2020, 10% off Admission Fee + 25% on Security Deposit & Tuition Fee for August, 2019 will be waived completely.
  • Category E: If Admission is done by 15th July, 2020, 25% off on Security Deposit & Tuition Fee for August, 2019 will be waived off completely.



In order to encourage young scholars, the school has a merit-based scholarship policy. Students are encouraged to try and obtain scholarship on the basis of their outstanding academic achievements and persistent effort in the scholastic domain.

On application, students fulfilling the following criteria will automatically be nominated for the respective scholarships for 1 (one) academic year. Upon completion of the first year of studies, the continued disbursement of scholarship will be ensured only if the student maintains the requisite grades in the CAIE,  AS Level examination.

9 A’s 100% 5 A’s 40%
8 A’s 90% 4 A’s 20%
7 A’s 70% 3 A’s 10%
6 A’s 60%
Cordoba Champions’ Scholarship is available to all candidates on the Co-Curricular fees:
• If you have participated in any Art competition held by Cordoba.
• If you have participated in any Sports competitions held at Regional, National or International Level
• if you have participated in any Music competition held at Regional, National or International Level.
At Cordoba we have a special Zakat fund for deserving students who cannot afford to study at A-Level without financial aid. Admissions are need-blind. Students applying for a need-based scholarship must obtain the financial assistance form from the front office. The selection is based on the information provided in the Financial Aid Form and on its authenticity.

• Financial assistance form will be issued to the parents with the consent of the Directors, with a deadline for submission of documents.
• Parents need to provide all essential documents, for example: Bank Statement, Utility Bills, proof of source of income, etc. • Parents must give consent for verification of documents.
• All documents provided will be verified through sources deemed fit by the management of the school. A visit will be made to the applicant’s home or the parent’s workplace, if necessary. Information provided by the parents will be scrutinized by the inquiry teams. A summary of the case will then be submitted to the management for review.
• The approved scholarship will then be communicated to the parents and their decision noted. Fee Challan will be issued accordingly. Final decision about the concession offered lies with the Management.
A scholarship is offered to Hafiz e Quran. The student is required to submit his credential to qualify for the scholarship. Hafiz e Quran needs to be present for Tilawat-e-Quran at every assembly, for the scholarship to continue.

Criteria for continuation of scholarship (Academic and Need-Based) in A2:

Scholarships are renewed after the announcement of CIE result in August. Students fulfilling the following criteria will automatically continue the respective scholarships. The student needs to ensure that he conforms to ALL of the following:

  • Percentage of Scholarship offered in A2s is based on grade point average system.
  • Maintain 85% Attendance.
  • Achieve As in the CIE, AS Examination.
  • Act as a Teachers’ Aide- minimum 5 hours of teaching per week.

Note: Cordoba School for A level, reserves the right to revoke grants/scholarships if its proven that the candidate has provided falsified information/documents: It can lead to following action/s: 

  • Cancellation of admission
  • Disqualification for any awards at school
  • Revocation of Scholarship