Sociology – Course code 9699

The aims of the Cambridge International A & AS Level Sociology syllabus are for candidates to develop knowledge and understanding of sociological concepts, theories, methods and research findings, as well

as sociological principles, perspectives and applications, an awareness of the range and limitations of sociological theory and research, an understanding of the relationship between sociological findings and everyday life, including contemporary social, cultural and political issues, an appreciation and understanding of individual, social and cultural diversity, and of continuity and change in social life, an understanding of sociological methods, including the collection, analysis and interpretation of data, improved skills of communication, interpretation, analysis and evaluation and an excellent foundation for further study.

AS Level candidates take only Papers 1 and 2 (in the same examination session).

At A level the candidates only need to take Paper 3 in order to complete the A Level.

Paper Type of Paper Duration Weighting
AS Level A Level
1 Candidates answer two essay questions from a choice of six. 1 hour 30 min 50% 25%
2 Candidates answer two data response questions from a choice of three. 1 hour 30 min 50% 25%
3 Candidates answer three essay questions from a choice of 12. 3 hours 50%

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