Business Studies

 Business Studies – Course Code 9709

The syllabus is intended to encourage candidates to understand and appreciate the nature and scope of business, the role of business in society and to develop critical understanding of organizations, the markets they serve and the process of adding value. This should involve consideration of the internal workings and management of organizations and, in particular, the process of decision-making in a dynamic external environment.

The students should be aware that business behavior can be studied from the perspective of a range of stakeholders including customer, manager, creditor, owner/shareholder and employee, be aware of the economic, environmental, ethical, governmental, legal, social and technological issues associated with business activity, develop skills in decision-making and problem solving in the light of evaluation, the quantification and management of information, where appropriate and to development  effective communication.

The emphasis should be on the application of concepts and issues to the local context (i.e. the candidate’s own country), where appropriate.

Paper Type of Paper Duration Weighting
AS Level A Level
1 Section A: 4 short answer questions Section B: Essay on Core curriculum 1 hour 15 min 40% 20%
2 2 data response questions 1 hour 30 min 60% 30%
3 Case study: 5 questions + 1 essay 1 hour 50%


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