Our Alumni

Here’s what some of our alumni have to say to you, the new generation of Cordobians:


Asbah Amin

Class of 2011 | AIFD

I believe if I had a chance to stay in this school, I would have never missed that opportunity, but nothing goes away until it teaches you what you need to know. Cordoba has done the same for me. It has taught me things that I need to know. People say that a school is where you can learn things and leave, but I consider it the best book of my life with the best knowledge one can get. This place made me what I am today by boosting my confidence and it could not have happened without the best teachers, who did their best, especially Natasha.
Choosing Cordoba was the best decision of my life! RJK, the Managing Director of Cordoba, has the best personality on earth and I will always be grateful to her for guiding me on to the right track. I made wonderful friends here and had an incredible time. This place cannot be forgotten. It has always been a home away from home and will always be!
I love Cordoba and we make a difference!


Natasha Rehman

Class of 2012 | CBM

As a Cordobian, I carry the Cordobian Spirit wherever I go with the confidence that I will achieve my goals while making a difference. At Cordoba I enjoyed a supportive learning environment and a genuine sense of belonging. The faculty and administration have always helped me achieve my academic, social and personal goals. I graduated from Cordoba with solid academic achievement, unforgettable memories and lasting friendships.


Khawar Shuaib

Class of 2011 | IBA

When I joined Cordoba I was a very different person than what I am right now, Cordoba gave me confidence, values and also a direction. I would not hesitate to say that where ever I am right now, after my parents support and prayers, it’s only Cordoba that helped me become the person I am today.
The two years that I spent at Cordoba were filled not just with learning but also great fun. There is no doubt that Cordoba School for A-Level has the best faculty available in town; these teachers actually give each student individual attention. We were like a family and we still are a family. Everyone here is extremely friendly and goes out of their way to help you achieve your goal. I feel very lucky to have chosen this institute for A’ levels and I would highly recommend everyone to come here and be a part of Cordoba, InshaAllah you will go a long way.


Irfan Anwar

Class of 2011 | IBA

I think of Cordoba and a thousand memories flood my mind. From RJK’s love to table tennis with teachers, to a lot of events happening every now and then, my life at Cordoba was one which I will never forget. It still welcomes me like home, with arms wide open and I get a feeling of being among my family. I was a totally different person when I graduated after 2 years from here than what I was when I joined. From a person who knew nothing about what to do with his life, I got direction to walk and all thanks to Almighty God and Cordoba I got into IBA as I aimed.
I still am a part of Cordoba, and will always be.


Ayesha Siddiqui

Class of 2011 | Ziauddin Medical College

“My time here has helped me master the art of compassion. As I have met genuinely nice people who mean the world to me. Teachers here don’t just give a lecture and leave; they take a personal interest in each student’s well-being, you can count on each one of them. I am friends with Ms Amna and Sir Saya; I’ve never studied from them but I’ve still learned a lot from them.
Here, it’s not about getting ahead of someone else, it’s about achieving together. And if you have a creative idea, go up to the relevant person and you can rest assured that the opportunities that will be offered to you will help you reach your full potential. I’ve done so much in just a year, LUMS workshop, an attempt at Business games and so much more. Even sang on stage in my hoarse voice!
And the best thing about Cordoba is that all you have to do is be yourself and you will be accepted with your quirks; I was. I had an amazing time all because of RJK’s excessive love and Natasha’s firm support!


Mohammad Ashhaad Waheed

Class of 2011 | IBA

“Coming to Cordoba as a young lad filled with energy and enthusiasm, I graduated being an intelligent young adult who knew how to make sensible decisions. This school enlightens one with the knowledge of how pieces fall into place if one just puts in the effort because all the teachers boost the students morale every now and then. With a strong backbone like the Managing Director, one has the optimistic approach to everything around and knows that there will be someone around to help, always. Guidance counselors assisting one choose a career and the alumni network acting like elder siblings using their knowledge to facilitate in any way they can, makes Cordoba not just a school but a big family.
I for one can surely say that my personality changed drastically within these two years and for the good. I can now speak more confidently, engage in a healthy debate and besides this, I can now approach people more openly. I am proud to be a part of ‘Cordoba School for A-Levels’ because it made me realize the importance of what Henry Van Dyle meant when he said “Be glad of life because it gives you the chance to love, to work, to play, and to look up at the stars.”


Aniqah Sabir

Class of 2011 | Student at Asian Institute of Fashion Design

“From fun filled events to serious studies, from my “bacha’s “of RJK to “sweety”of Natasha, my years at Cordoba were remarkable, unforgettable and extremely memorable. A great deal of appreciation paired with lots of individual attention, Cordoba offered me everything a student can ever wish for and today I am extremely proud to be a Cordobian.”


Abdul Noor Wasay

Class of 2013 | studying in Turkey at Bilkent University

“It was one of the best decisions that I have made by choosing Cordoba. The cooperation and support from RJK, NSK and the rest of the faculty was great. The fact that it is a small campus makes students interaction and bond even stronger and boots confidence. The on-going events and activities held, brought a huge change in my personality and I am sure it would help everyone.”


Mirza Abeer Baig

Class of 2012 | studying in Turkey at Istanbul Bilgi University

“Cordoba is a place where you can transform your dreams into reality. It is a place full of opportunities in the light of our great faculty. Here, you will come across one of the finest Principals, who takes care of you and treats you as her ‘Bacha’. In the end I just want to say “ Join Cordoba and become a part of the Cordoba family and change your life completely.”


Ayesha Farooq

Class of 2013 | studying at IBA

“Cordoba was my first and the only choice. Today, I can say with pride that it was the best choice. I got great mentors and teachers like RJK, NSK & Sir Ahmed Saya. I learned a great deal being here, polished my skills and came out as a better and a more confident individual. Since, I joined Cordoba, I have always advised my juniors to opt for this school and will continue the same. Proud to be a Cordobian!”


Syed Fahadulla Hussainy

Class of 2011 | Student at LUMS

“Cordoba is like another home to me. During the course of the two years I spent at Cordoba, I witnessed a number of positive changes in myself. At Cordoba, I had amazing teachers whose motivation made me a strong person and helped me face every challenge with their constant support. Those eventful two years at Cordoba passed so quickly and left so many fun-filled memories which I will miss my whole life.
Be it studies or any extra-curricular activity, Cordoba does not only provide the platform to its students to exercise their talents but also helps them step forward by creating a friendly atmosphere. With highly qualified and dedicated faculty members and enthusiastic administration, Cordoba is blossoming into one of the finest A level schools here at Karachi.”


Burhan Javed

Class of 2010 | Audit Senior at Ernest and Young

“The two years at Cordoba were a life changing experience in my life. It not just enhanced my academic knowledge and skills but changed my overall personality from a reserved person to a confident man.”